Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Christmas pictures

Ashlynn is in princess heaven. Her favorite is Cinderella.

Notice her shoes!

Little Austy and Elmo! So cute!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Pics!

Well Christmas was a lot of fun this year! Ashlynn got lots of princess things. We taped Christmas so I'll have to take some pictures of her playing with her new toys and post them later.
Austin got a stuffed Elmo which Ashlynn thinks is hers, and Mom and dad got a cruise to the Carribean in February! We cant wait.
Santa was good to us this year! We hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Ashlynn wasnt a big fan of Santa (by the way I try and fix her hair but I'm not that great at it and then she pulls everything out if it anyway.)

Ash and Austin in there Christmas jammies.

Austin was so excited for Christmas! Okay, maybe not, but he was happy.

Ashlynn got a new outfit and a princess blankie from Grandma Sally. She loves it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Christmas cards and a few funny stories

Well I tried to get some pictures of the kids to send out Christmas cards and it didnt go that well. So I most likely wont send one out. Bah Humbug. I'm going to give it one more shot but if I cant get a good picture we might just have to do Valentine's day cards. Here are a couple of pictures from round one of picture taking.

I have some funny stories about Ashlynn. She seems to pick up a new word every week. This weeks word is 'wowzers'. Dont know where she learned it but it's funny.

A few weeks a go I went to Toys R Us with Ashlynn and my mom. Ashlynn found this Cinderella doll that she liked so I let her carry the box around in the store. We left it there and then a few days later I went back to get it. Well I left it in the car and she saw the box and said 'I want my Cinderella doll'. She didnt even see the doll just the bottom of the box. Well I finally wrapped it and I am keeping the presents at my moms house. Today we were over there and she saw the presents all wrapped and she points to the one that is her Cinderella doll and she says, 'Oh look my Cinderella dolls in there.'

One more story. I have been asking Ashlynn what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas but she usually never says what she wants. I didnt think she really got the whole 'Santa' thing but the other day she told me that she wanted a horse and I said, 'You do' and she looked at me all excited and said, 'hey maybe santa will bring it.' Too bad he's not bringing one.