Monday, November 23, 2009

It finally happened!

Well Austin finally cracked his head open. Not that we were excited by any means, but because of how crazy and wild he is we were just surprised that it hasn't happened sooner.
Anyways, the poor little guy was jumping on our bed and fell off and hit his head on the dresser. At the doctor he told Ashlynn, 'no more monkeys jumping on the bed.'
When we ask him what happened, he says, 'I jump on bed and hit drawer. I go to doctor and get bandaid.' He ended up getting 1 stitch underneath and 7 on top. He seems to be just fine now. Except he did wake up and say that his head hurt. At the doctors office he kept saying that he wanted to show papa and halle is owie.
I'm hoping he's learned a little lesson, but some how I dont think this is the last of the injuries.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Here's what we've been up to.....

So I have completely put off blogging again so I have another big update to do. Here is what has been going on the past couple of months:

We went to Disney princesses on Ice with Ashlynn's cousins. It was so dang fun! And it was fun to see Ashlynn so excited to see the princesses.

This is Ashlynn and Kaitlyn at princesses on ice. Do you think I could ever get a picture of Ash without a goofy smile on her face? Nope. Oh well.

We saw Ashlynn's friends Mckayla and Kylie there too. Ashlynn's cousin Bailee was there but Ashlynn wouldnt stand by her to get a picture with her.

I didnt get very good pics of the princess on ice but at least in this one you can see that it is Snow White

Here's a pic of me and Ash waiting for Disney on Ice to start

And another picture of us right before we left. I seriously had so much fun!

Onto our next event. This would be Austin and Halle's favorite thing to do. This time though, they decided to take an entire bag of goldfish up with them. It's kind of hard to see, but the fish were everywhere.

Austin and Halle are so funny together, but you cant take your eye off them for a second.

Next I have some good news (and although it looks like Im prego, that is not the news). I got released from scouts and was awarded this stick (sorry dont know the correct terminology). Awesome right. Not. It was my halloween attire for the night though.

Ashlynn was Dorothy this year for Halloween and Austin was a monkey. I had to tell them I would take them to McDonalds if they would wear there costumes.

And Mark dressed up as midgit Santa Claus this year. This picture doesnt do justice to what he really looked like.

These last pictures are of us making halloween cookies. This picture below is my favorite. You should have seen how many sprinkles were on this cookie that Brooklyn made. And she even ate it. It was awesome.

Cute Kaitlyn and her cookie

Even Austin was lucky enough to get to use sprinkles by himself

Ashlynn with her yummy cookie. (notice the sprinkles on her lips)

And Brooklyn with her sprinkles and cookie. Yummy