Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A conversation with Ashlynn

The other day I was in the bathroom getting ready and Ashlynn found her wallet. Here is the conversation we had.......

Ash: Mom I need some money
Me: I dont have any
Ash: But I need some
Me: But I dont have any. Go ask Dad.
Ash: Dad is asleep. Where is his wallet.

I was laughing so hard. She is so funny. She learns quick. I think we may be in trouble.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

100 things

So I wanted to make a list of 100 things I am thankful for to see if I could do it (I better be able to) and also to remember everything I have to be thankful for. (I wonder how many times diet coke will be listed.......)
So here it goes- in no particular order......

1. Jesus Christ
2. temples
3. Mark
4. Ash and Austin
5. mom
6. dad
7. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter DAy Saints
8. friends
9. mountains
10. Utah Jazz
11. President Hinkley
12. Repentance
13. My cousin Tara
14. diet coke
15. candy
16. scriptures
17. mountain dew
18. heaters
19. sleep
20. Stockton to Malone
21. advil and diet coke (I stole this one but I really am grateful for it)
22. my young womens leaders growing up
23. my sweet Grandparents
24. naps
25. vacations
26. computers
27. my sisters
28. my sister-in-laws
29. Mark's parents
30. extended family
31. prayer
32. knowledge
33. my health
34. my family's health
35. eternal families
36. ME time (when the kids are sleeping)
37. Ashlynn being potty trained
38. conversations with Ashlynn
39. time with Mark
40. hearing Ashlynn sing
41. seeing her accomplish and learn new things
42. Ashlynn's sweet little voice
43. Austin's laugh
44. neices and nephews
45. my testimony
46. Robintino's
47. Italian Village
48. my brothers
49. brother-in-laws
50. the priesthood
51. having a car
52. big snow storms
53. warm bed
54. baths
55. a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt
56. Mark's job
57. Mark being such a good dad
58. And husband
59. seeing my parents love and enjoy my kids
60. diet coke
61. long showers
62. people who love my kids
63. living in Utah
64. the beach
65. pedicures
66. staying at home with my kids
67. all the help my mom gives me
68. hearing Ashlynn talk to Austin
69. seeing Ashlynn and Austin smile
70. fountain drinks from the gas station
71. date night
72. the office
73. living in America
74. freedom
75. being happy
76. having a place to stay
77. and food to eat
78. health insurance
79. M&M's
80. Austin's little noises
81. baby formula
82. disposable diapers (I'm pretty sure I would hate cloth diapers)
83. sleeping in
84. leaves changing colors in the fall
85. roasting marshmellows
86. sitting around a fire
87. camping
88. bug sprayers
89. people who kill bugs for me
90. hand- me- down clothes for the kids
91. baby swing (Austin loves it)
92. email
93. things that make me laugh
94. bargains
95. the dollar section at Target
96. costco
97. hot tubs
98. Thanksgiving dinner
99. when Mark makes dinner
100. anything I forgot to mention above

Monday, January 21, 2008

Just one more for today

Well I realize I have outposted myself today, but when I'm on a roll and when I havent posted forever that's what happens. Plus I wanted to try and see if I could post pictures side by side.
Anyway, these are just some random pics of Ash.
No more posts for today, I promise.


Ashlynn and I went outside for a while today. It was so much fun! And so cold. Ashlynn loved making snow angels and throwing snowballs. Yahoo for snow!

Austin is 4 1/2 months

Austin is getting so big. He is so happy and is so much fun! Ashlynn loves her litte Austy.

No More Diapers!!!!!!!

Ashlynn is finally out of diapers! Yay! I am so excited! She has been doing great! Here are a few pictures of her in her 'potty attire.' Yes, she sits on the bathroom throne in her barbie dress. And she still doesnt let me do her hair.

(By the way, does anyone know how to put pictures side by side on a blog?)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So I have been trying to get some new pictures of Ashlynn and a video of Austin to post but I cant seem to record Austin and make him laugh at the same time- unless you want a blurry video (even worse than I usually do) and Ashlynn will not let me take any pictures of her.
So until I get some new pictures I'll just let you know what's been going on:

Ashlynn has started going pee in the potty! She is doing really well. She hasnt gotten the #2 down yet but hopefully that will come. She got a new barbie dress and between that and her princess p.j.'s that is all she will wear. Her favorite movie right now is Hairspray and she asks me to fix her hair like Tracy on hairspray. Funny little girl.

Austin is four months now. He still isn't sleeping through the night yet, but he's getting better. I can get him to laugh so easily and it is so cute. He is a really good baby. He just started eating cereal and vegetables and he loves them.

Well when I can get some pictures and some video I will post them.