Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blog Update # 5 - just some funny stories

Well this will be my last post for the night. Austin's birthday is in two more days and I probably wont blog about it for six more months. But I just wanted to write a few things about the kids so that I can remember them. I wish I would have written things down because there are so many funny things.

I'll start with Austin-

I asked Austin the other day if he was stinky and he said, 'no, farted.'

The other day Ash and Austin were playing and Ashlynn did something that made him mad and he said, 'I hate you Ashy.' The kid is not even two. Why do they learn these things.

Austin has the cutest little voice. Every time I ask him something or tell him something he says, 'Ok mama'.

My dad took Austin on a train ride (TRAX) and I asked him where he went with Papa and he said, 'train, papa, fun'.

I love that he is learning so much and he is saying everything. When we rock before bed, we always sing a song and I always ask him what he wants to sing and he says, 'temple'. He is just the cutest little boy.


The other day Ashlynn said to me, 'mom my responsibility is to wear this bracelet on my wrist'

The other day we were driving in the car and Ashlynn saw a guy in a car next to us and she says, 'how come that dad doesnt have to go to work? that's not fair. Why does our dad have to go to work.' She loves her daddy.

Well dang it, if only I would have written things down. I just cant remember anymore. So I guess that's it.

Next blog post in six more months.

Blog Update # 4 Ashlynn's 4th Birthday

Here is Ashlynn at her birthday party! I cant believe she is 4. She is going to start preschool in a week and I am so nervous. She had so much fun at her little party and was so excited with all the cool stuff she got. I just love this little girl so much. She is the funniest little thing. She has the biggest imagination. For example, tonight she told me that sometimes when she goes in her room and closes her eyes to go to bed, she see stories in her eyes. Hmmmm...... We love you Ashy!

Blog Update # 3 Tracy Aviary

We went to Tracy Aviary with the kids. It was so much fun! The peacocks were just walking around everywhere. Austin kept trying to chase them. He almost stepped on their tails a few times.

Blog Update # 2 pictures from a while ago

Ashlynn and Halle- looks like we have some hair issues.

Austin found some green pain at Katie's house

Ashlynn was so excited that she got her face painted

This is a pic of Austin the first time he got his tubes in. It totally looks like his head was pasted on. Funny!

Blog Update #1 New Pictures

Since I haven't blogged forever, I am going to try and do as many posts as I can tonight since I am already doing it. I haven't been much in the blogging mood lately. So here is post #1.
Ashlynn and Austin's new pictures. Ashlynn was so cute when we went to get pictures. She just sat and smiled the entire time. She was so excited because the lady asked her to do the 'princess pose'. Austin on the other hand wasn't very good. No one could get him to smile. I think we got pretty good pictures considering. The only thing that would make Austin even do anything was when my mom told him he could play with the lawn mower when he got home if he would smile. Anyways, after the pictures I took the kids home and about a half hour later I took Austin's temp. and it was at 102. Poor kid.

So here are the pictures: Ashlynn is 4 and Austin is 23 months. Time flies when you're having fun!! Or going insane. Seriously how do people do it with more than 2 kids?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Austin mowing the lawn