Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Ashlynn has been on a roll with her conversations and the things she has been saying, and I dont want to forget them.It's just easier to write them all down in one place and on the blog so that I don't forget where I write them. So I might have a lot of conversation posts. I just love listening to little kids talk. They are so funny. So here are a few of Ashlynn's things:

Ashlynn was talking to my mom the other day and she said, "I'm almost four and my dad is my prince. He used to be my mom's prince, but then he became a daddy."

Then today she was coloring and she said, 'mom how do you spell frustrated?' She is into writing letters and spelling things, but it was funny that she wanted to spell that.

She has also been telling me lately that Austin is the rudest baby.

Gotta love em.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just wanted to write a few things that Ashlynn has said lately. She has been funny.

Yesterday we were taking a nap and I was pretending to sleep so that she would go to sleep and I opened my eyes and she was right in my face and this is the conversation:

Ash: Mom, why do you have hair in your nose?
ME: because. Now go to sleep.
Ash: Do I have hair in my nose?
Me: No.
Ash: Why do you?
Me: You just get it when you get older.
Ash: I dont want hair in my nose mom.

She has been coming up with some good 'one liners'. She says to Austin, "Austin, you are the rudest baby." And then today she said, "Austin, you look hideous."

As for Austin, he is just still climbing and falling off of everything. He hasn't been injured quite as bad as Halle though. He is trying to say everything and it's pretty funny. He loves to bug Ashlynn all day long. It sure makes for a fun day!

These pictures are just some pictures from last summer. We were playing with Henry and Avery when Tara was up here last summer. Tara and I were laughing so hard at Ashlynn and Avery. I wish I had some pictures of Avery. They are so funny.

Well I wish things were more exciting but they arent.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Funny Kids

Well I dont really have too much to blog about but I just wanted to write a few things down that the kids have said.

Ashlynn was sitting in the room with my mom the other day and Ashlynn said, ' I sure like girls named Grandma Sally.'

She is also big into telling Austin to 'shut his mouth' which is hilarious when she says it, until she says it to me, then it's not so funny.

One more thing. Austin's big thing lately is putting toys in the potty. So the other day I find him and his monkey completely soaked with toilet water. Yummy... Anyway, it was kind of funny but gross too.

I wish I could remember the other things they have said but since they are both crying and whining and hanging on me I guess this will be it.