Friday, April 25, 2008

no pictures- just some funny stories

So I just wanted to write down a couple of things Ashlynn has said. Mostly so I can remember later on in life when I'm older (older than 30- that is so old.)

Anyway, so the other day I was going through some old maid cards with Ashlynn and I was asking her what the pictures were on the cards. She would say, 'baseball player, mailman, doctor' and all that. When I held up the old maid card and asked her who it was, she said 'abuela' (grandma in spanish). It was so funny. She watches Dora so I know thats where she got it from, but I thought it was funny.

One more thing. I'll just write the conversation between Mark and Ash.

Ash: Dad where are you going?
Mark: to work
Ash: Why
Mark: So I can make money for you.

So Mark comes home from work and Ashlynn asks Mark what he has in his pocket, and Marks says 'my wallet' and she said, 'what's in your wallet?' and Mark says 'money' and Ash says, 'for me?'
It's not that funny except that everyday now she asks me if dad is at work making money for her.

Oh ya, and on a good note, for two days now Ashlynn has let me pick her clothes and she even keeps them on. Still a fight with her hair, but one step at a time.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Does anybody else have a hard time getting your daughter to do what you ask? I swear me and Ashlynn fight at everything. Here's how the morning went today: Ashlynn woke up and was happy for about 5 minutes until Mark sat next to her. So she started crying. So Mark moved. Well then she wanted me to hold her and feed her oatmeal. Well I was making french toast so I told her no. So she freaked out even more. Plus she's old enough to do it herself. Then she needed to go to the bathroom and so I told her to go potty. Well I wouldn't carry her down to the bathroom so she was mad and wouldn't go potty and started crying even more. So Mark took her and got her calmed down. Then we went downstairs to get her dressed. I bought her like 6 new princess shirts and some sparkly pants so that she might get dressed. Anyway, I gave her like three outfis and told her to pick one. The outfit that she has on in the pictures is what we ended up with. None of the choices I had for her.
So I know this is turning into a big complaint (she peed her pants by the way because she wouldn't go potty) but I fight her over everything and I am tired of it. I know I don't have the best fashion sense (my most expensive shirt is a scout shirt after all) but I know what Ash has on looks awful. I'm just so frustrated. I know they say to pick your battles, and usually I just let Ashlynn go how she wants when we aren't going anywhere and sometimes when we are. It's just getting old and I don't know what to do. I need a manual for this parenting thing. I am just not cutting it..... aaaggghhh.... At least Austin is a good little boy and so happy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snake Tongue

Okay so you know how your kids have their thing? Well check out Austin. He totally has a snake tongue. It is crazy. When he was born they said that the thing under his tongue was a little bit short so I'm not sure if that contributes at all to his crazy tongue, but it just looks so crazy. And to think some people actually pay to get their tongue to look like this...