Monday, November 23, 2009

It finally happened!

Well Austin finally cracked his head open. Not that we were excited by any means, but because of how crazy and wild he is we were just surprised that it hasn't happened sooner.
Anyways, the poor little guy was jumping on our bed and fell off and hit his head on the dresser. At the doctor he told Ashlynn, 'no more monkeys jumping on the bed.'
When we ask him what happened, he says, 'I jump on bed and hit drawer. I go to doctor and get bandaid.' He ended up getting 1 stitch underneath and 7 on top. He seems to be just fine now. Except he did wake up and say that his head hurt. At the doctors office he kept saying that he wanted to show papa and halle is owie.
I'm hoping he's learned a little lesson, but some how I dont think this is the last of the injuries.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Here's what we've been up to.....

So I have completely put off blogging again so I have another big update to do. Here is what has been going on the past couple of months:

We went to Disney princesses on Ice with Ashlynn's cousins. It was so dang fun! And it was fun to see Ashlynn so excited to see the princesses.

This is Ashlynn and Kaitlyn at princesses on ice. Do you think I could ever get a picture of Ash without a goofy smile on her face? Nope. Oh well.

We saw Ashlynn's friends Mckayla and Kylie there too. Ashlynn's cousin Bailee was there but Ashlynn wouldnt stand by her to get a picture with her.

I didnt get very good pics of the princess on ice but at least in this one you can see that it is Snow White

Here's a pic of me and Ash waiting for Disney on Ice to start

And another picture of us right before we left. I seriously had so much fun!

Onto our next event. This would be Austin and Halle's favorite thing to do. This time though, they decided to take an entire bag of goldfish up with them. It's kind of hard to see, but the fish were everywhere.

Austin and Halle are so funny together, but you cant take your eye off them for a second.

Next I have some good news (and although it looks like Im prego, that is not the news). I got released from scouts and was awarded this stick (sorry dont know the correct terminology). Awesome right. Not. It was my halloween attire for the night though.

Ashlynn was Dorothy this year for Halloween and Austin was a monkey. I had to tell them I would take them to McDonalds if they would wear there costumes.

And Mark dressed up as midgit Santa Claus this year. This picture doesnt do justice to what he really looked like.

These last pictures are of us making halloween cookies. This picture below is my favorite. You should have seen how many sprinkles were on this cookie that Brooklyn made. And she even ate it. It was awesome.

Cute Kaitlyn and her cookie

Even Austin was lucky enough to get to use sprinkles by himself

Ashlynn with her yummy cookie. (notice the sprinkles on her lips)

And Brooklyn with her sprinkles and cookie. Yummy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Sad Day

I have been dreading this day for a while now. And it finally came. I know it sounds like devestating news (and I believe it is) but I just like to make it sound a lot more dramatic than it really is.
So last night Austin didnt want to go to bed so Mark had to put him to bed screaming. Well I was in the next room listening to Austin scream and about 30 seconds later I hear the door open. I think to myself, 'why did mark go in and get him. He never does that.' And so I look in the hall and there is Austin. He climbed out, opened the door, and came out.
Honestly, I am surprised it didnt happen sooner. Since this unfortunate event last night, Austin also woke up at 5:30 am this morning to greet me at the door. He has the 'getting out of the crib' thing down.
This morning when my mom got up, Austin pointed at the crib and said, 'I got out.' So now begins a whole new stage of how to get Austin to bed and more importantly how to get him to stay there.
Please somebody, tell me an EASY solution.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just more stories

Austin has been so funny lately. He has all of a sudden started shortening words. He calls my dad Pa (used to be Papa) and I am Ma. It's so funny to hear it. He bumped his head today and came up to me crying so I asked him if he was okay, and he says in a mad voice, 'Ma kiss it'.

Today we were in the car and Austin said 'Knock Knock' (Ashlynn is into knock knock jokes so Austin has been taking note) so I say, 'whose there'. Austin says, 'bah' and I say 'bah who' And he says bah-who. It's suppose to be 'yahoo' but it was just so funny that he did it himself. I need to get it on video. He kind of says the 'hoo' part a little bit high pitched so it's even funnier.

Austin's obsession for lawn mowers is crazy. He got a lawn mower for his birthday but that wont do anymore. He likes to push Papa's. Every time he sees my dad he asks if he can mow the lawn. I think I'm in for a long winter, and it's not even here yet.

Ashlynn was playing with Brooklyn today and was wearing a ring, so Ashlynn asked Brooklyn if she wanted to wear anything pretty. Brook said, 'sure' and then Ashlynn said 'actually there is only one pretty thing, and I got it from my wedding. '

She has also been big into things that are special. I was trying to tell her that it was nice to share her things, but that she didn't have to share her blanket because that was something that was special to her. So now anytime she doesn't want to share she just says 'it's special'.

Ash came home from preschool the other day and I was asking her how it went and she said, 'We did home work and it was really boring.' Then she said 'it was hard. we had to color and my arm got tired'.


Ashlynn had Kaitlyn and Brooklyn come over this week and play, and they even got to sleepover. They had so much fun! And I gotta say, Kaitlyn and Brooklyn were the most well behaved kids. I hope Ashlynn was taking lessons (or maybe I should be taking parenting lessons). Anyway, we all had fun. We went swimming during the day, and then made caramel popcorn, and crowns for the kids. Thanks Kait and Brook for coming over!

here are the kids all ready for bed.

more swimming pics

lunch time!

the girls watching a movie in Ashlynn's bed.

Utah State Fair

So we went to the state fair with the kids, and it was so much fun. The kids loved it. And it was only $2 to get in. Except then we bought a fried twinkie and a fried snickers for $4 each so I guess we really didnt save much. Oh well. We really had fun!

I usually dont take pictures of animals, but the baby pigs were so cute!

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree huh? Ha Ha (that's not even funny and I'm still leaving it on here)

Ash and Austin as a pig and a sheep. I love this pic.

Austin riding the pony.

waiting for the pony ride with Papa.

Ashlynn did not like the smell so she plugged her nose the whole time.

Tyson, Gav, and Austin by the tractor (I love Tyson's face)

Austin and Mark by the 'big tractor'. Austin loved it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Ashlynn started preschool today. She was really excited to start school, until we started walking there and she decided she didnt want to go anymore. I stayed for a few minutes and then told her bye and she was fine. When I picked her up she told me it was fun and that she liked it. Anyway, I took some 'first day of school pics' just to make it official.

Austin really wanted to go to school with Ash. The whole time she was gone he kept asking where she was.

YAY! for school!!!

So excited!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Austin turns TWO!

Austin turned two yesterday. He is the funniest little guy. I just love him to death. We had a little party for him yesterday. He loved all the presents that he got. There are a lot of pics but he just looks so cute so I put a lot of them on here. Happy Birthday Little Buddy! We love you so much!

Austin got some tools from Bailee, Tyson and Davis.

Grandma Sally and Papa gave him a lawn mower. He loves to mow the lawn with Papa. Last night when he opened his lawn mower he took off mowing. He even knows how to go up and down in lines like Papa.

Last night before he went to bed he put his lawn mower in the garage with Papa's and then he said 'na night lawn mower.' When he woke up this morning, he started playing with his other toys and then all of a sudden he looks at me and says' lawn mower, garage, get it'.

Austin play with his car from Grandpa Cevin and Grandma Carol, and his fire truck from Kaitlyn and Brooklyn.

Austin looking at his truck/tractor book from Lily.

Showing Dad his tools

Cute picture of Austin and Lily

Austin waiting for his party to start (he isnt wearing a yellow earing. It just looks like he is)

Austin waiting for his party to start! Isnt he so cute!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blog Update # 5 - just some funny stories

Well this will be my last post for the night. Austin's birthday is in two more days and I probably wont blog about it for six more months. But I just wanted to write a few things about the kids so that I can remember them. I wish I would have written things down because there are so many funny things.

I'll start with Austin-

I asked Austin the other day if he was stinky and he said, 'no, farted.'

The other day Ash and Austin were playing and Ashlynn did something that made him mad and he said, 'I hate you Ashy.' The kid is not even two. Why do they learn these things.

Austin has the cutest little voice. Every time I ask him something or tell him something he says, 'Ok mama'.

My dad took Austin on a train ride (TRAX) and I asked him where he went with Papa and he said, 'train, papa, fun'.

I love that he is learning so much and he is saying everything. When we rock before bed, we always sing a song and I always ask him what he wants to sing and he says, 'temple'. He is just the cutest little boy.


The other day Ashlynn said to me, 'mom my responsibility is to wear this bracelet on my wrist'

The other day we were driving in the car and Ashlynn saw a guy in a car next to us and she says, 'how come that dad doesnt have to go to work? that's not fair. Why does our dad have to go to work.' She loves her daddy.

Well dang it, if only I would have written things down. I just cant remember anymore. So I guess that's it.

Next blog post in six more months.

Blog Update # 4 Ashlynn's 4th Birthday

Here is Ashlynn at her birthday party! I cant believe she is 4. She is going to start preschool in a week and I am so nervous. She had so much fun at her little party and was so excited with all the cool stuff she got. I just love this little girl so much. She is the funniest little thing. She has the biggest imagination. For example, tonight she told me that sometimes when she goes in her room and closes her eyes to go to bed, she see stories in her eyes. Hmmmm...... We love you Ashy!