Friday, March 20, 2009

some of this and some of that

I just wanted to post some pictures of the kids. I was trying to get a cute picture of them but they weren't cooperating. And then I took a picture of Ashlynn's pictures that she drew. She drew a whale (which looks pretty good) and she said the other one was 'Ashlynn cinderella'. And then some pictures from the zoo. Katie and I went to the zoo and it was really fun. The weather was so good. I decided though that I am going to get a leash for Austin next time we go. I always said that I would never get a leash for my kids, but Austin is out of control. He wouldnt sit in the stroller or the wagon. He was all over the place. Crazy little boy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just another little conversation with Ashlynn.......

Ash: I had boogers right here and I went like this (tries to put her tongue to her nose)
Me: oh. Was it good?
Ash: Yes.
Me: What did it taste like?
Ash: dinner.

Anybody up for dinner at my place? I'm cooking!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Old School

For all the Old School Jazz Fans:

Basketball is here again
it's time for Utah Jazz to win

Karl Malone slam dunks
to keep away the other punks

And we thought that Karl Malone
had a broken ankle bone

But we heard it was just a sprain
still it was giving him a lot of pain

Now he's back with the team
making all the others scream

Darrell Griffeth is cool too
because he wears the Nike shoe

Bobby Hansen's hair flies
while he runs past the other guys

Thurl Bailey is an awesome man
making all the baskets he can

Mark Eaton is so tall
that's why he always rebounds the ball

John Stockton is not a shame
because he likes to play the game

Erik Leckner is my man
because he is a big jazz fan

Jose Ortiz is on the run
because he likes to have some fun

Jimmy Les isnt lazy
at the games he plays like crazy

Now I like Mark Iavaroni
he eats Bologna and kraft macaroni

Mike Brown is real cool
he wont put up with any bull

Jim Farmer's a good player
when he retires he'll be our mayor

Jerry Sloan's as loud as the crowd
when they win he's real proud

Now let me make this very clear
Frank Layden will end his career.
He retired just last year
so he could drink a little beer.

Lindsey, age 10
(please don't copy with out permission)- yes it's that good! (JK)