Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching Up- here comes a LONG post.

So here are a few things that did in December. These pictures are all out of order but since I have not been big into blogging lately and am just impressed with myself that I am even doing a post, I dont really care what order the pics are in.

This in all the kids with my mom and dad on christmas morning. Yes, I know, I do look great in the background.

This was Austin's favorite toy for Christmas- a blender. He loves making smoothies with Papa.

Ashlynn and Halle

Ashlynn in her new bunk bed that Santa brought.

Since Austin got his new bed, he has been sleeping in it all night. No more getting in my bed. Yay!

Just a cute pic of Austin.


Ashlynn again

Ashlynn and her friend Kylie. We did glitter toes with the girls . It was so fun. Kylie and Ashlynn were holding hands. So cute!

Ashlynn and Halle in their new dresses. Bailee got one too, but she wasnt here when we took this.

More of Ashlynn and Kylie's glitter toes

Austin and Ashlynn at the Children's museum.

We went to see Princess and the Frog and these Chipmunks were there. The girls loved em.

A pic of Ash and Brooklyn waiting to see Princess and the Frog. Such a cute movie. It was so fun!

So that is it for this blog post. Who knows when I will post again. I just cant seem to get into blogging anymore.


Kim McCann said...

Thanks for updating your blog Lindsey. I am so into blog stalking now that I am so bored. :) Ashlynn and Halle look like they could be sisters! They are so cute!

Ashley Rae said...

I was expecting this post to be almost unbearably long, from your description. But it totally wasn't. Haha! Your kids are adorable.

p.s. I was over at Janica's the other day and we were talking about how awesome you are. We all need to hang out sometime. Girls' night?...

Dave and Rachel said...

I love seeing pictures of your family! You all have such cute kids!

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Agatt said...

cool kids ;)