Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny Kid things

So the other day Ashlynn was doing her Cinderella puzzle and it was late so I said, 'Ash hurry we need to go to bed.' And Ashlynn says to me, 'Well would you quit talking to me so I can relax.'

I was talking to my mom the other day and Ashlynn was trying to get my attention and she kept saying, 'mom, mom, mom', finally she stopped and she said, 'Mom focus.'

Austin doesnt have to many funny stories yet, but I'm sure he will soon. He is the funniest and craziest little kid ever. It's so funny to watch him watch basketball games and listen to him cheer. He really gets into it.

I always tell him that he needs to sit down in the car or I will call the police and the other day in the car Ashlynn hit him and he started crying and said, 'mom ashlynn hit me. call the police.'

As hard as it is, I love things like this. I love my litte kiddies. They are just so funny. They drive me nuts most of the time but I love em to death.

One more thing. I was watching Halle over the weekend and was taking care of her (getting her dressed or something) and then later we were talking about babies (not trying to tell anybody anything here!) and I said, 'Ash do you want another baby at our house?' And she said, 'no'. When I asked her why not she said, 'because it's too much work for you.'


Jordan Ormond said...

These are my favorite posts on your blog. Ash and Austie are the funniest little kids! Thanks for the laughs!

Katie said...

One more baby would be too much work. That girl knows what she's talkin' about! I think you guys should take a trip to PA in the next little while. We have a spare room for you!

Ashley Rae said...

Calling the police? LOL... that is awesome. Kids just crack me up. Constantly.

And maybe we can get the boys to watch the kids and we can go see a girlie movie or out to eat some fattening ice cream or something! Mmmm!

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